Thursday, November 18, 2010

Unforgivable Sin

It is hard to look at old, familiar passages with 'fresh eyes'. Such a passage is Mark 3:28-30.
When I read these verses I usually focus on verse 29, the famous 'unforgivable sin' passage. I note the finality and clarity of "never has forgiveness". It immediately creates a strong sense determination. I want to make sure I stay away from that sin (which should be my reaction to all sins).
I have heard many speeches and panel discussions, and read commentaries on the passage. So much rhetoric on the one thing guaranteed of sending someone to hell. Why all the fuss? Jesus did not stumble or st-st-studder. He clearly said what he meant, and meant what he said. Anyone who says the work of the Holy Spirit is evil, or is associated with the devil's work is going to hell. Period.
But I do not think Jesus spoke this passage to condemn. His point is not only what to avoid, but also the wonderful forgiving power of God. What did he say in verse 28?
Jesus said ALL SINS CAN BE FORGIVEN except....  Our sins CAN be forgiven.
*David wrote of a God who is ABLE to "FORGIVE ALL YOUR INIQUITIES,".
If I spend all my effort and attention dodging thorns on rose bushes I will miss their wonderful smell and the delicate, intricate beauty the Creator placed in them. If I place all my attention on the one thing that will send me to hell I will miss the comfort and confidence I can have through Jesus.
Which way should I live?

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