Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Am Blessed!

Above and beyond having a loving, gracious God and His sacrificial Son, I have a host of things to be thankful for. So, I make my list public in hopes that you, the reader, will be able to identify some of your blessings God has given you, too.

I have a loving, talented woman, who just short of 20 years ago, accepted the engagement ring held in the hands of a teddy bear inside a Christmas-wrapped box. She contines to stick with me through difficult days.

I gladly claim all 5 kids (2 mine; 3 hers). They make life full. 

I get to be 'Papa' to five sweet ones. From the youngest pair (twins) to the 6-year-old I get to love them all.

Our basic little house is warm in winter and cool in summer. It meets all our needs.

I am thankful for the computers that open the internet, with its wealth of information and services.

I thank God every time I ride that Honda VTX1300 and the freedom it brings.

I am grateful for a TV large enough to see every detail without squinting, and Dish HD

I am thankful for being allowed to capture families and friends with my Nikon D40. It is not the 'top of the line', but it does all I need. And to capture images of insects in such detail as to remind me of their maker is satisfying.

To have a small piece of countryside where kids can play baseball, hunt Easter eggs, or shoot fireworks is a great blessing.

To watch my 89-year-old mother functioning independently at her own home is amazing. I know how blessed she and my deceased dad have made my life. God has blessed me.

I have former students come up to me to thank me for giving them hard work, and how share how successful they are becoming because of my classroom demands. They continue to bring satisfaction.

To have a 'Droid' that has a keyboard where I type this blog in the middle of the night, is a rich blessing. And to be able to contact most of my friends and contacts by phone, text, and email from a single device is wonderful.

I have a job that helps me pay my bills.

I have plenty of food.

I drive a old truck that is comfortable and yields 27 mpg. It has its dents and imperfections, but I can get from point A to point B just like people driving their fancy $35K vehicle. I am blessed.

And there has been almost 1350 readers from more than 12 countries who have read these simple blogs. Many have complimented me personally in a variety of methods. I am most appreciative for EVERY reader.

Should I mention my clothes? Reasonable health? 

I won't forger my friends and brothers in the Ukraine, Belarus, China, Zambia, South Africa, and many other countries? 

What about sight? Smell? Taste? Touch? Hearing? 

How can I forget all my teachers in grade school, high school, Harding, Henderson, Southern Arkansas, Cossatot? 

What about the members of the Prescott Church of Christ?

Shall I forget the multitude of people in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri who have listened to sermons and talks over the last 39 years? 

And all my Alpha Omega brothers, who still love to be together, shall not be forgotten.

I am thankful for tears. Many have been like screams to God because I need his help. He heard them and answered.

Have you been reminded of your blessings?

I know this has been good for me. To shed a few tears and wipe my nose while making this list reminds me of the countless ways I have been blessed.

Is it any wonder that when I blow my head on Thursday near that big turkey and mass of 'fixins', that my eyes will be drowning in liquid joy? And all I will be able to say is...


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