Friday, November 26, 2010

Code Talk

This title sounds like espionage.

There are times I get tired of hearing politicians. When asked a direct question they talk in great patriotic themes all around the subject while wrapping themselves in the red, white and blue American flag. I think they do this so Americans will be impressed by the rhetoric and not by the answers. They are answering in a kind of code.

I recently watched an episode of Law and Order in which a rap artist was interrogated by the police. But if you did not know slang, you heard the answer but did not grasp the meaning. He hid information directly in front of their eyes using a code.

And Jesus was not a fool either. There were occasions when Jesus hide his message in a code. Why? Here are a few ideas I learned from commentators.
  1. He fulfilled prophesies.
  2. He confused the Pharisees' spies.
  3. He challenged listeners to greater spiritual discernment.
  4. He knew Hebrew people were familiar with this style of teaching.
  5. His teachings would be easier to remember.
  6. He disguised powerful teaching in a language Pharisees could not use in court.
One commentator said he "taught those who wished to know truth and confounded the opposition."

Jesus was open to the twelve (and us) as to why he used these codes called parables. He put the information in front of some listeners knowing they were spiritually so insensitive they would not perceive nor understand.Jesus hid spiritual truths in  stories like The Sower (Soils), The Lamp, Growing Seed and Mustard Seed.

Does this mean that a reader of Jesus' stories (parables) who does not understand is hopeless? NO!

Christians are told the scriptures are "able to make you wise". Those lacking wisdom should ask God. He liberally gives wisdom without fuss.

So where is the struggle? It is more than just hearing the code, but in comprehending. It is one thing to hear or read Jesus' parables, and it is another to understand. It is most important to translate the understanding into action.

Listen to the code, understand, and do.

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