Tuesday, November 16, 2010

He's Crazy!

I have read stories of people being brainwashed into religious fanaticism. It isn't that far from where I sit tonight to Foulke where Tony Alamo's religious compound is. What goes on inside would only be conjecture on my part. But the people venturing out are not viewed as 'normal'. Do you know stories of religious brainwashing? (Please add them in the comments section, below.)

Brainwashing involves getting the subject to stay awake for long periods of time, or being active for extended periods. Failing to get rest makes it possible to 're-set' someone's mind. 

Jesus, after selecting The Twelve, went to a house. There, with his extended periods of service, he hoped to eat a simple meal with his newly-appointed disciples. What happened next was not restful. A crowd invaded the house till he could not eat bread

His family heard about all the constant work, crowds, healings, teaching, controversies, etc.. They were thinking he had lost control of his mind, that he had gone crazy. 

What should a family do? Jesus' family planned to get him and take him by force if necessary. Is this not what families do today to rescue their loved ones from being brainwashed? 

Later Jesus is told his family has arrived 'calling Him'. Instead of visiting with them about his stress-filled lifestyle, he redefines his family.

So, how about struggling with me on some questions.
  1. Is it ok to be brainwashed?
  2. Is it ok to brainwash religious students? 
  3. Should we, as imitators of Jesus, allow ourselves to be viewed as 'out of our mind'? 
  4. Should we be politically correct in hopes of reaching those people who pride themselves in being politically correct, or should we not worry about how we are viewed and serve Jesus (our Lord and Master) up to the point we are considered counter-cultural religious fanatics? 
Please make your comments using the link below, or email me so I can be 'Mr. Copy and Paste', as my brother J.C. jokingly calls me.

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