Sunday, August 15, 2010

Standing for ...

The Scene. Saturday, it was very hot under bright sun in Shreveport, Louisiana. Sweat pouring from the 30 PGR members holding American Flags in honor and respect. A green tent covered 15 chairs on green AstroTurf. In front was a two foot tall stand, also covered with AstroTurf. A small granite-looking box (1'x1'x1.5') with shiny brass handles was on the stand. An Air Force Color Guard, holding a folded American flag, stood at parade rest a few feet away. The collared-preacher read from the Bible and a prayer book. He allows a few moments for family or friends to eulogize the Air Force Colonel, whom we will call 'Col. Matt'.

The Speaker. A tall Polynesian man stepped forward. He spoke of the joy in becoming a friend of the cancer-ravaged Col. Matt. They cried over their 'dark' days, and laughed heartily and frequently at their better days.

"A few days ago while I was with Col. Matt, a man I didn't know walked into the Colonel's hospital room, and quietly stood at the foot of the bed. Without speaking, but with tremendous effort, Col. Matt summoned all his strength, enduring intense pain, swung his feet off the bed. I moved to catch him, but he waved me off with his hand and a stern look. With the last ounce of strength he gather himself, braced against his bed, and stood up. Col. Matt said, 'I would not stand for a General or the President of the United States. This is the only man I will stand for. He is my brother.'"

The dark Polynesian choked up, but continued, "No matter how believe in God, stand for something important. Make something worthy of your greatest efforts. Honor it. Stand for it."

I could see most PGR members. I could tell they were struggling with the same lump in their throat that I had.

The Struggle: Somethings are worth 'standing for.'  I want to honor my country by standing when the American flag passes. I want to 'stand up' for quality education. I want to 'stand up' for the young and innocent. I want to 'stand up' for individual efforts toward top quality.

Mostly I want to practice standing up for Jesus. I want to practice standing up for His type of mercy, kindness, compassion, love, etc. I want to 'stand up' in defense of my brothers in Christ. I want to stand up and be counted as one of his faithful disciples. These are some of what I want to do. Therein is my struggle: I must fulfill these 'wants'.

What will you stand for?

Tell us what you will stand for. In the comment box below, write down three (or more)  things, in addition to Jesus, you would stand for. Let's see what is important to the readers of this blog. This could be fun.

And tell your friends about this blog.

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  1. This morning, Aug. 16, 2010, I heard (KATV, Ch. 7) the "Church On the Rock" in Little Rock, for 'fast pace, on the go people' is starting a "30 minute worship service".
    The world, through "denominationalism" has all but denounced God, and not worshiping Him "in spirit and in truth" (John 8:24).
    The world has placed "Judges" over God, giving them authority to over rule God in the meaning of marriage, "man and woman" FOR LIFE. (Gen. 2-3. Matt. 19:1-9)
    When will the world "seek" (put) God FIRST again?


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