Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"What's keeping ya'?"

Many years ago I had an uncle who was tormented with physical and emotional problems.  He had to sell so much stuff to pay for his second wife's bills and extravagant lifestyle. Now, she had left him the second time. He had crippling arthritis, making walking painful and next to impossible. The medicine he took for his stomach pains made him either weak, nauseous or dazed. He didn't enjoy the doctor's office, a much too frequent occurrence. Even with his being a vet, he said he could hardly afford all the meds. And, to him, there was no end in sight. A man who had always been physically capable of providing and caring for himself was now loosing control of the only thing he had left.

He must of thought the .38 caliber bullet through his left temple would end all problems. He thought he had found an escape. How wrong he was!

My mother found him lying on the blood-soaked carpet in his little living room. It gave her nightmares. My father, a great man of faith, didn't know how to deal with the lose of his oldest brother. It shook him to no end. And that fact shook me. And all the financial problems of selling all his property was quite difficult for mom and dad. And all the talk around town about why. This was no escape.

Years later, I am like so many. Problems don't seem to know when to stop coming. If it is not one thing, it is the other. I, like my uncle, want to escape. But not the same way---not even close.

You see, I keep asking the Great Man Upstairs why it is taking him so long to get back. He told his disciples more than two millennium ago he would be coming back. Not to sound as though I know better than God when His son needs to come back, a part of me wants to say, "What's keeping ya'?" or "What are ya waiting for?"

If God's son was to show up right now, it would be wonderful. I wouldn't have to experience any more difficulties in this place, and, by His grace, could get a whole new life in a beautiful place with Him forever.

Do you want out? Jesus is the way out if we overcome. Are you ready to go out with me?

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